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          9 900 EUR for EVEREST expedition!!! Spring of 2010! Unique offer from 7 Summits Club! Climbing Everest in sport-style 9 990 EUR (and we have the option to reduce this price)!!!!

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Lenin Peak climb


Everest North Col (up to 7000m) expedition.Spring 2010

Tibet. Everest (8844m) North side climbing expedition . Spring 2010. (Full guides and high sherpa service)



South Pole Flight.

South Pole: ski the last degree.(111km ski expedition).

Vinson Massif Climbing Expedition


North Pole Visit (helicopter)

North Pole: ski the last degree.(111km ski expedition).


Elbrus Classic for 999 EURO. 8 days.



Kilimanjaro climb


Aconcagua climb


Carstensz Climb


Cho-Oyu (8201 m) expedition.Tibet 2010


Everest 2003

Everest 2004

Elbrus Classic

Elbrus. Hotel Ozon.

Everest 2005

Vinson 2005-06. Part 1.


Necessary trainings. Alexander Abramov tells. For preparation for an ascent of the Everest it is necessary to train. Certainly, climbing ascents is best training for ascents, but … If you can not leave ...



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All members: 1009

Vinals Jaime *, Guatemala, 7+1 summits

Markus Dr. Büel *, Switzerland, 7+1 summits

Henrik Olsen *, Denmark, 7+1 summits

Kikstra Harry *, Netherlands, 7+1 summits

Abramov Alex (Alexander) *, Russia, 7+1 summits

Moskalev Dmitry *, Russia, 7+1 summits

Ovasapyan Karo *, Armenia, 7+1 summits

Dirk Stephan *, Germany, 7+1 summits

Winkler Geri *, Austria, 7+1 summits

Kofanov Sergey *, Russia, 7+1 summits

Rozmus Robert *, Poland, 7+1 summits

Dr.Dr.Artur Rudolph *, Germany, 7+1 summits

Daniel Perler *, Switzerland, 7+1 summits

birrer richard *, USA, 7+1 summits

Konyukhov Fedor, Russia, 7 summits

bobok victor, Russia, 7 summits

Sedusov Boris, Russia, 7 summits

Nance Suzanne, USA, 7 summits

Ashurly Israfil, Azerbaijan, 7 summits

Sutcliffe Alistair, United Kingdom, 7 summits

Feige Dirk, Germany, 7 summits

Kobielski Tomasz, Poland, 7 summits

Dr. Karl Wolfgang Flock, Germany, 7 summits

Pokhvalin Igor, Ukraine, 7 summits

Carovac Basar, Serbia, 7 summits

Sergey Larin, Russia, 7 summits

gariano lorenzo, Italy, 7 summits

Korobeshko Ludmila, Russia, 7 summits

Nichols Chris, USA, 7 summits

Tyler William, USA, 7 summits

Hanna Noel, United Kingdom, 7 summits

Tertil Elizabeth, Canada, 7 summits

Birrer Richard, USA, 7 summits

Gorelik Elena, Russia, 7 summits

crellin john anthony *, United Kingdom, 6+1 summits

Langlois Francois *, Canada, 6+1 summits

Serge Massad *, Canada, 6+1 summits

kolodge kimberly, USA, 6 summits

Karapetyan Artur, Armenia, 6 summits

Koller Paul, Austria, 6 summits

Christiana John, USA, 6 summits

Lavrov Sergei, Kazakhstan, 6 summits

Korishch Grigory, Russia, 6 summits

Muhl Ronnie, South Africa, 6 summits

Vilius Saulius, Lithuania, 6 summits

Pyshkarev Vladimir, Russia, 6 summits


Gorelik Arkady, Russia, 6 summits

Wilde James, USA, 6 summits

Ivanov Andrey, Russia, 6 summits

Kerr Bob, United Kingdom, 6 summits

Kovalev Sergei, Ukraine, 6 summits

Mokhnachev Dmitry, Russia, 6 summits

Kedev Sasko, Macedonia, 6 summits

Singh Patrick, Canada, 6 summits

Doronin Vladimir *, USA, 5+1 summits

Schnedier Nathan, USA, 5 summits

Zhunussov Baglan, Kazakhstan, 5 summits

Nurgaliev Pavel, Russia, 5 summits

Serov Victor, Russia, 5 summits

Verevkin Alexander, Russia, 5 summits

Gehrig Dr. Thomas, Germany, 5 summits

Sherba Aleksandr, Ukraine, 5 summits

Parchevskii Igor', Ukraine, 5 summits

Suetin Andrei, Russia, 5 summits

Stewart Kent, USA, 5 summits

Loeffler TA, Canada, 5 summits

Beloyvan Yuriy, Russia, 5 summits

Hale Duncan, United Kingdom, 5 summits

Crina Popescu *, Romania, 4+1 summits

Alferov Vadim, Russia, 4 summits

Albert James, USA, 4 summits

Sanjarevskii Igor', Ukraine, 4 summits

Kurkovich Dmitrii, Russia, 4 summits

Kokorev Edward, Russia, 4 summits

Yakovenko Aleksandr, Russia, 4 summits

Kravchuk Yuriy, Ukraine, 4 summits

Moiseenko Valerii, Belarus, 4 summits

Shakirov Maxim, Russia, 4 summits

Stolyarov Igor', Russia, 4 summits

Gontar' Sergei, Russia, 4 summits

Malasevskis Andris, Latvia, 4 summits

Yurin Dmitriy, Ukraine, 4 summits

Hale Ashley, United Kingdom, 4 summits

Benning Martin, USA, 4 summits

Bosch Albert, Spain, 4 summits

Morozov Konstantin, Ukraine, 4 summits

ZORIN Vitaliy, Ukraine, 4 summits

Shklyar Igor, Ukraine, 4 summits

Boreykina Olga, Russia, 4 summits

Ejov Anatolii, Russia, 4 summits

hanna lynne, United Kingdom, 4 summits

Horton Andrew, United Kingdom, 4 summits

Croome Kris, Canada, 4 summits

Rock David, Australia, 4 summits

klopack joseph, USA, 4 summits

Bouev Maxim, Russia, 4 summits

Clark Ernie, United Kingdom, 4 summits

Rodionov Mikhail, Russia, 4 summits

Sokov Dmitry, Russia, 4 summits

Gabriel Viti, USA, 4 summits

Vyalenkova Irina, Belarus, 3 summits

Golovin Artem, Russia, 3 summits

Kolokolkin Ilya, Russia, 3 summits

Voskresenskaya Nadejda, Russia, 3 summits

Turovetsky Vladimir, Russia, 3 summits

Kulishova Alena, Russia, 3 summits

Gruzdev Ilya, Russia, 3 summits

Burke Dan, Australia, 3 summits

Luba Ivanova, Russia, 3 summits

Talnov Andrey, Ukraine, 3 summits

Fedin Vladimir, Russia, 3 summits

Lavtas Martin, Australia, 3 summits

prokhorov boris, Russia, 3 summits

Danyel Simard, Canada, 3 summits

Josefsson Jon, Sweden, 3 summits

Mario Schäfer- Kassin, Austria, 3 summits

Lorenzani Roberto, Italy, 3 summits

Lucas Sara, United Kingdom, 3 summits

Slavnaya Svetlana, Russia, 3 summits

Mazur Przemysław, Poland, 3 summits

Finkelstein Alexandra, Russia, 3 summits

Myasoedov Valerii, Russia, 3 summits

Stampe Martin, Denmark, 3 summits

Grishkov Igor, United Kingdom, 3 summits

Katter Chad, USA, 3 summits

Kristof Kontermann, Germany, 3 summits

Gotovdorj Usukhbayar, Mongolia, 3 summits

Ravenstijn Erik, Netherlands, 3 summits

Fojtik Martin, Czech Republic, 3 summits

Storozhenko Svyatoslav, Ukraine, 3 summits

Mayorov Andriy, Ukraine, 3 summits

Petrovskiy Andrey, Russia, 3 summits

Gutarevych Larysa, Ukraine, 3 summits

Astaf'ev Evgenii, Russia, 3 summits

Kolotiy Dmitry, Russia, 3 summits

Cherkashin Igor, Russia, 3 summits

Markov Alexey, Russia, 3 summits

Kornev Mihail, Russia, 3 summits

Volper Vladimir, Russia, 3 summits

Zamalaev Pavel, Russia, 3 summits

Chmel Ekaterina, Russia, 3 summits

Breivik John A., Norway, 3 summits

Boogaard Peter J., Netherlands, 3 summits

Hodson Tony, United Kingdom, 3 summits

Arefiev Andrei, Russia, 3 summits

Morozov Aleksandr, Russia, 3 summits

Dejanovic Zdravko, Macedonia, 3 summits

Logic Naim, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 3 summits

Podolyan Andrei, Russia, 3 summits

Vorob'ev Oleg, Russia, 3 summits

broery broery, Indonesia, 3 summits

Ditiuk Iurij, Mongolia, 2 summits

Ragozin Valerii, Russia, 2 summits

Tomchik Vitalii, Ukraine, 2 summits

Dmitry Kuzin, Russia, 2 summits

Khojaniyazov Malikniyaz, Turkmenistan, 2 summits

Selivanov Andrei, Russia, 2 summits

Chesnokov Alexander, Russia, 2 summits

Osokin Victor, Russia, 2 summits

Yelkov Alexander, Russia, 2 summits

Taylor Nathaniel, USA, 2 summits

Sievers Joerg, Germany, 2 summits

Berg Øistein, Norway, 2 summits

Alain Roy, Canada, 2 summits

Fedorovsky Alexandr, Russia, 2 summits

Marin Steven, United Kingdom, 2 summits

German Alex, Belarus, 2 summits

Stanchik Dmitry, Russia, 2 summits

Tsymbal Vladyslav, Ukraine, 2 summits

Baran Viachaslav, Belarus, 2 summits

Zuments Robert, Latvia, 2 summits

Gaynor Mathew, Australia, 2 summits

Zhumayev Maksut, Kazakhstan, 2 summits

Pablo Regie, Philippines, 2 summits

Batura Sergey, Russia, 2 summits

van Boekel Rob, Netherlands, 2 summits

Stephan Eicher, Austria, 2 summits

Larsen Morten Visborg, Denmark, 2 summits

Stewart Kent, USA, 2 summits

Andreas Frech, Austria, 2 summits

Taranenko Natalia, Russia, 2 summits

Joris Veer, Netherlands, 2 summits

Kolotnev Andrei, Russia, 2 summits

Ilchev Jaklin, Bulgaria, 2 summits

Kiselev Sergey, Russia, 2 summits

ayuso hollie, Australia, 2 summits

Kempton Nathan, Australia, 2 summits

Figiel Jaroslaw, Poland, 2 summits

Seedhouse Erik, Canada, 2 summits

Lopatchenko Igor', Russia, 2 summits

Sibirtsev Denis, Russia, 2 summits

Čiras Vytis Pijus, Lithuania, 2 summits

Tsepkov Igor, Russia, 2 summits

Reimer Patrick, Austria, 2 summits

Suetin Maksim, Russia, 2 summits

Pullan Richard, United Kingdom, 2 summits

Rojin Ivan, Russia, 2 summits

Iskhakova Marina, Russia, 2 summits

Iskhakov Fedor, Russia, 2 summits

Gliddon David, Australia, 2 summits

Pomor Alex, Russia, 2 summits

Shevchenko Sergey, Russia, 2 summits

Gribbin Rob, United Kingdom, 2 summits

zaitsev andrey, Russia, 2 summits

McKee Billy, Ireland, 2 summits

Lindmark Anders, Sweden, 2 summits

Herok Agnieszka, Poland, 2 summits

Suchkov Vladimir, Russia, 2 summits

KROEGER STEVE, Germany, 2 summits

Kaptain Daniel, Germany, 2 summits

Sychevskiy Alexander, Russia, 2 summits

SOLOVIEV SERGEY, Russia, 2 summits

Horsell Patrik, Sweden, 2 summits

Andersson Patric, Sweden, 2 summits

Avetisyan Artur, Russia, 2 summits

Sharyshev Konstantin, Russia, 2 summits

Winkler Martin, Switzerland, 2 summits

Sergeev Alexey, Russia, 2 summits

Golovin Aleksandr, Russia, 2 summits

Krasnozhon Alexander, Russia, 2 summits

Bolgov Bogdan, Russia, 2 summits

Bolgov Bogdan, Russia, 2 summits

Sokov Dmitriy, Russia, 2 summits

Surunchap Mariana, Russia, 2 summits

surunchap mariana, Russia, 2 summits

Kudienko Natali, Russia, 2 summits

Vriend Remco, Netherlands, 2 summits

Shtin Vladislav, Russia, 2 summits

Muhlbachr Pavel, Czech Republic, 2 summits

Lanchec Stephane, France, 2 summits

Lars Bohn, Germany, 2 summits

Tim Van Heusden, Belgium, 2 summits

Vorobyev Dmitry, Russia, 2 summits

Merry Nick, United Kingdom, 2 summits

Short Samuel, United Kingdom, 2 summits

zaytseva ekaterina, Russia, 2 summits

Bennett Ebony, Australia, 2 summits

Daly James, USA, 2 summits

Soendergaard Henrik, Denmark, 2 summits

Monastyrnyi Alexei, Australia, 2 summits

Wim De Backer, Belgium, 2 summits

singh priya, Canada, 2 summits

Cherkashin Maxim, Russia, 2 summits

Vasiliskov Sergey, Russia, 2 summits

Ronis Anastasia, Russia, 2 summits

Apalko Alexander, Russia, 2 summits

Spielhagen Jan, Germany, 2 summits

Sushkov Alexey, Russia, 2 summits

Ostapenko Anton, Russia, 2 summits

Bettencourt Luis Paulo, Portugal, 2 summits

johan debecker, Belgium, 2 summits

strider garry, United Kingdom, 2 summits

Ma Liping (Mindy), Canada, 2 summits

Myers Ariana, Russia, 2 summits

Bow Charnell, South Africa, 2 summits

Van Lille Chris, South Africa, 2 summits

ian sofyan arief fesa, Indonesia, 2 summits

Borodkin Petr, Russia, 2 summits

Thorsten Jacobs, Germany, 2 summits

Vyrkin Vladimir, USA, 1 summits

Popov Max, Ukraine, 1 summits

Yosy Eduard, Indonesia, 1 summits

Serafimov Alexey, Russia, 1 summits

Urkov Kirill, Russia, 1 summits

Balashov Vlad, Australia, 1 summits

R Lo, Togo, 1 summits

Urii Zaika, Ukraine, 1 summits

Tupolev Valery, Russia, 1 summits

Danilychev Alex, USA, 1 summits

Oryshko Oleksandr, Ukraine, 1 summits

Gern Elena, Russia, 1 summits

KHOROSHKOVA NATALIA, Russia, 1 summits

Fedyunin Evgeniy, Russia, 1 summits

Sukhova Svetlana, Russia, 1 summits

Musatov Dmitry, Ukraine, 1 summits

muhametdinov aleksei, Russia, 1 summits

Kojahmetov Talgat, Kazakhstan, 1 summits

Nemirova Marina, Russia, 1 summits

Homenko Oleg, Ukraine, 1 summits

TSYGANKOV Alexander, Ukraine, 1 summits

Kazanchuk Svetlana, Ukraine, 1 summits

Pyatnicin Aleksandr, Russia, 1 summits

Perepechin Alexandr, Russia, 1 summits

Botha Marnus, South Africa, 1 summits

Zharkov Yuriy, Russia, 1 summits

Dorojnyi Igor', Russia, 1 summits

Genshaft Mihail, Russia, 1 summits

Nikitin Peter, Russia, 1 summits

jenkins claire, United Kingdom, 1 summits

Gotovdoj Usukhbayar, Mongolia, 1 summits

Buzovkin Petr, Russia, 1 summits

Gómez Lega José Luis, Spain, 1 summits

Travin Andrei, Russia, 1 summits

Borisenko Olesya, Russia, 1 summits

Kozyrev Alexandr, Russia, 1 summits

Krivencov Sergei, Russia, 1 summits

Kuzub Artem, Russia, 1 summits

Cortes Emilie, USA, 1 summits

Aston Gemma, United Kingdom, 1 summits

Kulikova Evgeniya, Russia, 1 summits

Rakitnykh Tatyana, Russia, 1 summits

Gedminas Aleksandras, Lithuania, 1 summits

Khramova Nadejda, Russia, 1 summits

Rashkovskiy Alexander, Russia, 1 summits

Leshko Jurij, USA, 1 summits

Alekseyeyv Anatoliy, Ukraine, 1 summits

Eiden Marco, Germany, 1 summits

Ortiz-Krablin Helena, USA, 1 summits

GALDAMEZ CRISTIAN, Chile, 1 summits

Nomerotskiy Nikolay, Russia, 1 summits

Il'in Evgenii, Russia, 1 summits

Maklakov Alexey, Russia, 1 summits

Yakovenko Ekaterina, Russia, 1 summits

Barichnikov Alexey, Russia, 1 summits

Luc Biebouw, Belgium, 1 summits

Tsikin Yuri, Russia, 1 summits

Barvydaitis Vytautas, Lithuania, 1 summits

Stukalova Tat'yana, Russia, 1 summits

Pitolin Dmitry, Russia, 1 summits

Grigoraschenko Inna, Ukraine, 1 summits

Ehrngren Tomas, Sweden, 1 summits

Gaidai Sergei, Ukraine, 1 summits

Mishchenko Artem, Russia, 1 summits

Udin Sergei, Russia, 1 summits

Pavlov Roman, Russia, 1 summits

Leonov Denis, Russia, 1 summits

Petrov Vladimir, Russia, 1 summits

Shevchenko Dmitriy, Russia, 1 summits

Kovalevich Sergey, Russia, 1 summits

Vorozhko Kirill, Russia, 1 summits

Kirillova Aino, Russia, 1 summits

ZULFAHMI ARRASULI FAHMI, Indonesia, 1 summits

TABET Cyril, Lebanon, 1 summits

Kuznecov Aleksandr, Russia, 1 summits

Michel Andrew, USA, 1 summits

Kuznetsov Roman, Russia, 1 summits

Stephane Morin, Canada, 1 summits

harrison thor, Australia, 1 summits

Maloney Drew, USA, 1 summits

Kuusik Inga, Estonia, 1 summits

Ashurly Murad, USA, 1 summits

Lamasih Sinaga Lamasih, Indonesia, 1 summits

Penzin Maksim, Russia, 1 summits

El-Shayal Tarek, Egypt, 1 summits

Stanislav Shagdamov, Russia, 1 summits

Veselova Svetlana, Russia, 1 summits

Tapardel Catalin, Canada, 1 summits

Tapardel Anca, Canada, 1 summits

Tanase Bogdan, Canada, 1 summits

Lares Ignacio, Canada, 1 summits

Huang,Po-Cheng Herry, Taiwan, 1 summits

kitteringham ian, Ireland, 1 summits

Mrochkovskiy Nikolay, Russia, 1 summits

Danilov Aleksandr, Russia, 1 summits

Reinhardt, M.C. (Mary Clare), USA, 1 summits

Shatilov Pavel, Russia, 1 summits

Origami Orikaso, United Kingdom, 1 summits

Chashchin Vsevolod, Russia, 1 summits

Sardak Sergei, Russia, 1 summits

Gilyazov Artur, Russia, 1 summits

Kondratenko Maksim, Russia, 1 summits

Kuznecov Ivan, Russia, 1 summits

Anashkin Gregory, Russia, 1 summits

Volkova Dar'ya, Russia, 1 summits

Kharovskaya Tatiana, Russia, 1 summits

Näsman Pierre, Sweden, 1 summits

Patrick Reimer, Austria, 1 summits

Madeev Roman, Russia, 1 summits

Peshkin Alexandr, Russia, 1 summits

Khorolsky Igor, Russia, 1 summits

Losev Sergei, Russia, 1 summits

Chernetskiy Serg (Sergey), Russia, 1 summits

ivanova jana, Estonia, 1 summits

Rivera de Jacobs Lisbeth Vanessa, Guatemala, 1 summits

Zvereva Natalia, Russia, 1 summits

Andriiashchenko Tetiana, Ukraine, 1 summits

Oryshko Oleksandr, Ukraine, 1 summits

Kupetz Sergey, Russia, 1 summits

de la iglesia santiago, Spain, 1 summits

Luis Javier Boza Parra, Spain, 1 summits

galan asis, Spain, 1 summits

Viktorov Andrey, Russia, 1 summits

Lange Alexander, Russia, 1 summits

Jens Riedl, Germany, 1 summits

Kolotneva Nataliya, Russia, 1 summits

Ayurov Timur, Russia, 1 summits

Tsepakina Olga, Russia, 1 summits

Chanyshev Evgeny, Russia, 1 summits

Panasuk Ivan, Russia, 1 summits

Wiesenekker Peter, Australia, 1 summits

Postnov Igor', Russia, 1 summits

FAZULLIN Vadim, Russia, 1 summits

dupont rudy, Belgium, 1 summits

Reshetkov Alexander, Mexico, 1 summits

nugent seedhouse doina, Ireland, 1 summits

Lopatchenko Igor, Russia, 1 summits

Alexeev Vladimir, Russia, 1 summits

Berry Steve, United Kingdom, 1 summits

Otto Sonja, South Africa, 1 summits

Otto Hano, South Africa, 1 summits

Wesolowski Maciej, Poland, 1 summits

snelli gianluca, Italy, 1 summits

Lorenzani Thomas, Italy, 1 summits

Kosinov Maxim, Russia, 1 summits

Volker Reinsch, Germany, 1 summits

Rohr Tom Rohr, USA, 1 summits

MacDonald Helen, Australia, 1 summits

D'hers Thierry, USA, 1 summits

Ototsky Leonid, Russia, 1 summits

Wroblesky Tamra, USA, 1 summits

Pantazes Sotereas, USA, 1 summits

Semenov Evgeny, Russia, 1 summits

nugraha hartman, Indonesia, 1 summits

Ryeng Kristen, Norway, 1 summits

Hetland Thomas, Norway, 1 summits

tarakanova natal'ya, Russia, 1 summits

Villup Marko, Estonia, 1 summits

Ponomareva Valeria, Russia, 1 summits

Khorolsky Artem, Russia, 1 summits

Nechaev Nikita, Russia, 1 summits

Onischenko Grigory, Russia, 1 summits

Norby Henrik, Denmark, 1 summits

Harkness Austin, USA, 1 summits

konovalov sergei, Russia, 1 summits

Ganzha Alexey, Russia, 1 summits

Yulin Andrey, Russia, 1 summits

Magula Andrey, Ukraine, 1 summits

Stepanov Dmitriy, Russia, 1 summits

Jean-Sébastien Dionne, Canada, 1 summits

Mehta Jonathan, USA, 1 summits

Hovalyg Maadyr, Russia, 1 summits

Ulrich Wetzl, Germany, 1 summits

Beley Yury, Russia, 1 summits

Lozhkin Roman, Russia, 1 summits

Derkach Artem, Ukraine, 1 summits

Culik Miroslav, Czech Republic, 1 summits

Kostin Artemiy, Russia, 1 summits

Levashova Uliya, Russia, 1 summits

Alifanov Victor, Russia, 1 summits

Cvetkov Maksim, Russia, 1 summits

Reinicke Christian, Germany, 1 summits

Alexander Skobenko, Russia, 1 summits

Thompson Graham, United Kingdom, 1 summits

Merry Jo, United Kingdom, 1 summits

S Ganesh, United Arab Emirates, 1 summits

Brantley Jason, USA, 1 summits

Noya Joshua, Indonesia, 1 summits

Thompson Luke, USA, 1 summits

Zhukova Mariya, Russia, 1 summits

Pain Petr, Russia, 1 summits

Hinterplattner Ulrich, Austria, 1 summits

Koneva Evgenia, Russia, 1 summits

Garza Rubria, Mexico, 1 summits

Bernal-Mora Maritza, USA, 1 summits

Daniela TEODOR, Italy, 1 summits

Zagorskaya Anna, Russia, 1 summits

Chu William, USA, 1 summits

conway kate, United Kingdom, 1 summits

Statsenko Mikhailo, Ukraine, 1 summits

Washburn Mark, Costa Rica, 1 summits

Michael Hagios, Germany, 1 summits

Ferguson Chad, Canada, 1 summits

Lambros Vic, Australia, 1 summits

Nefedov Vladimir, Russia, 1 summits

Katherine Luz, Canada, 1 summits

Koldaev Artem, Russia, 1 summits

Lukin Roman, Russia, 1 summits

Shiryaev Yuri, Russia, 1 summits

Barkhatov Evgeny, Russia, 1 summits

Dunaev Artur, Russia, 1 summits

Borovskih Eugene, Russia, 1 summits

Sakirskaya Elena, Russia, 1 summits

Egorova Alisa, Russia, 1 summits

mehren preben, Norway, 1 summits

Jeja Grigorii, Russia, 1 summits

Darenskii Dmitrii, Russia, 1 summits

Seliverstov Dmitriy, Russia, 1 summits

Kasyanenko Adelina, Russia, 1 summits

Chevdar Oleg, Russia, 1 summits

Vorobiev Mikhail, Switzerland, 1 summits

Krasuk Andrei, Russia, 1 summits

Vorobieva Ekaterina, Switzerland, 1 summits

Vorobiev Vassily, Switzerland, 1 summits

Belitskiy Andrey, Russia, 1 summits

komarovskii david, Russia, 1 summits

Nabokin Ivan, Russia, 1 summits

Kolesnikov Dmitry, Russia, 1 summits

Baimyashkina Elena, Russia, 1 summits

Kashurnikov Evgenii, Russia, 1 summits

Gibelinda Olga, Ukraine, 1 summits

Coelho Antonio, Portugal, 1 summits

gerard de vries, Netherlands, 1 summits

Proskura Mariya, Russia, 1 summits

Stolbova Maria, Russia, 1 summits

van der Sluis Theo, Netherlands, 1 summits

Orlov Igor, Russia, 1 summits

Semenov Anton, Russia, 1 summits

Shlyahovoi Aleksandr, Russia, 1 summits

Kapitanov Vadim, Russia, 1 summits

Reznitskiy Dmitriy, Kazakhstan, 1 summits

Safonova Marina, Russia, 1 summits

Zabiyaka Vadim, Ukraine, 1 summits

Pushkareva Larisa, Russia, 1 summits

Karatsay Alexey, Russia, 1 summits

Robertson Rab, United Kingdom, 1 summits

Thiemann Peter, USA, 1 summits

St-Onge Dominic, Canada, 1 summits

Egerton Scott, United Kingdom, 1 summits

almutairi ibrahim, Saudi Arabia, 1 summits

Cherkashin Stepan, Russia, 1 summits

Novichkova Katerina, Russia, 1 summits

Tjalma Jetze, Netherlands, 1 summits

Hodson Andrew, Australia, 1 summits

Panchal Maulik, India, 1 summits

Thorpe Marty, Australia, 1 summits

Dvoretskiy Vitaliy, Kazakhstan, 1 summits

Alexander Meyer, Germany, 1 summits

Alekseev Dmitrii, Latvia, 1 summits

Kumarkov Alexey, Russia, 1 summits

Derevyanko Aleksandr, Russia, 1 summits

Lo Ming Yuan, Taiwan, 1 summits

Dimentov Alexander, Russia, 1 summits

Steblevskaya Oxana, Russia, 1 summits

Alekseev Andrey, Russia, 1 summits

Ovcharenko Irina, Russia, 1 summits

Salova Irina, Russia, 1 summits

Taova Tina, Russia, 1 summits

Markelov Alexander, Russia, 1 summits

Lok Kei Rocky Lai, Hong Kong, 1 summits

Nyushkova Olga, Russia, 1 summits

STef Wolput, Belgium, 1 summits

Kvitberg Bard Stale, Norway, 1 summits


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