+7 (495) 642-88-66
200 USD less than in 2014!!

05.09.2015, China (Tibet)
Ascent of Cho Oyu (8201 m).Tibet, 2014

05.09.2015, Georgia
Mount Kazbek (5033m)

07.09.2015, Tanzania
Kilimanjaro climbing by Marangu route with local guide

01.10.2015, Indonesia (Papua)
Ascent of Carstensz Pyramid with Local guides

06.10.2015, Indonesia (Papua)
Ascent of Carstensz Pyramid

18.11.2015, Argentina
Aconcagua climb with local guides

04.12.2015, Antarctica
Skiing the last degree (111km) to South Pole

27.08.2015, Elbrus 2015
SUMMIT! Two SUMMITS! Alex Abramov with his group on the Eastern Peak of Elbrus

25.08.2015, Morocco 2015
SUMMIT! Artem Rostovtsev reported about a successful climb Jebel Toubkal by the group of Alpari

24.08.2015, Other expeditions of Seven Summits Club
Vladimir Gusakovsky: Briefly about a month in Australia and New Zealand

22.08.2015, Kilimanjaro 2015
SUMMIT! Group of 7 Summits Club successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro

20.08.2015, Mount Kazbek 2015
Photos of Alex Abramov from the epic ascent on Kazbek

17.08.2015, Ararat + Demavend
SUMMIT! A short message from Iran: Demavend conquered

12.08.2015, Alps 2015
Report of two blitz programs in the Alps from Artem Rostovtsev


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