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28.04.2015, Everest 2015
Denis Provalov, Vlad Moroz and Alexander Abramov from the base camp of mount Everest

27.04.2015, Nepal 2015
Vladimir Kotlyar from Nepal: the group decided to come back...

16.04.2015, Piramid Carstenzs
The Group of Olga Rumyantseva is moving home in the jungle of Papua

16.04.2015, Elbrus 2015
There's a first Elbrus summit for the 7 Summits Club in a new season!

14.04.2015, Our Club's friends expeditions

13.04.2015, Congratulations!
More congratulations on the Golden Axe! Now this is a historical fact!

10.04.2015, Spitzbergen - North Pole 2015
The first at the North Pole this year were our Arab friends ...

11.05.2015, Tanzania
Kilimanjaro climbing by Marangu route with local guide

06.06.2015, Tanzania
Kilimanjaro climb

11.06.2015, Georgia
Mount Kazbek (5033m)

11.06.2015, Indonesia (Papua)
Ascent of Carstensz Pyramid with Local guides

20.06.2015, Russia
Elbrus by classic route, 8 days

20.06.2015, Russia
Elbrus climb with traverse from south to north, 8 days

27.06.2015, Georgia
Mount Kazbek (5033m)

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