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16.01.2015, Antarctica 2014 - 2015
This is a victory! Alexander Sidyakin, Oleg Savchenko and Alex Bulavin climbed Mount Vinson!

16.01.2015, Aconcagua 2014
Group Todos Juntas descended to the base camp after a successful ascent of Aconcagua

14.01.2015, ***
Alex Abramov and Luda Korobeshko: Photos from the ascent on the peak of Bolivar

03.01.2015, Other expeditions of Seven Summits Club
Group of 7 Summits Club in Ecuador made the first ascent of the year

08.12.2014, Our club's news
Honorary Badge for climbing Everest climbers got 7 Summits Club

08.12.2014, News from St. Petersburg office
The national award "Golden axe Russia 2014" for our guide Alexay Lonchinsky. Congratulations!

05.12.2014, Kilimanjaro 2014
Some amazing pictures from Kilimanjaro

01.02.2015, Tanzania
Kilimanjaro climbing by Marangu route with local guide

20.02.2015, Tanzania
Kilimanjaro climb

20.02.2015, Indonesia (Papua)
Ascent of Carstensz Pyramid with Local guides

31.03.2015, Arctica
North Pole: ski the Last degree. (111km ski expedition).

05.04.2015, Indonesia (Papua)
Ascent of Carstensz Pyramid

12.04.2015, China (Tibet)
Everest (8848m) from Tibet. Full service: guides and Sherpas.

12.04.2015, China (Tibet)
North Col (7000m) of Everest


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